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The Neff Weenlton T-Shirt Carlton Banks Tee

* Unavailable * Will update page when/if found again. Nobody would have ever guessed that preppy Carlton Banks, from the nineties tv show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, would be associated with something so cool, but fast forward to current times :) and in rolls the Neff Weenlton tees featuring a colorful Carlton Banks graphic and woila! instant fresh style! Reads fresh and again features a neat colorful graphic print based on the character (links to the tee posted below). I grew up watching and loving The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (as did most of the nineties population:).

So it was pretty cool stumbling upon this tee by Neff.  The character is forever an icon in tv history and that is definitely something Alfonso Ribeiro should be proud of.  I found this tee so far in two colors and two styles. Colors: black, white. Styles: 1) Full Print (Mad Steez) 2) Smaller Center Front Graphic (Currently Out of Stock). Tee pictured above is available in men sizes SM -XL.