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RIP Aaliyah 79 T-Shirt Rum and Koke (Sold Out)

The Rum & Koke Aaliyah t-shirt is currently unavailable and the Rum & Koke Shop is no longer up. I believe there is a new site in the works, but I am not exactly sure what is going with the site or line, everything seemed to just vanish. As always I will update this page with any new info. I love the Aaliyah Rum & Koke tees as there is really nothing out right now that comes close to it. It features our Aaliyah printed on the front while the back of the t-shirt reads Aaliyah 79 in a bold jersey style font. This was available in neat line that range in colors and styles. I will update this page if availability changes and/or as I come across more in Aaliyah t-shirts.

The last link I had to Rum & Koke, (it is invalid now):