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Did Anyone See Catfish Jess Justin and Artis Show Last Night?

If you watch the television show Catfish and have not seen the episode yet. You have to see that episode for yourself. I was left with my mouth open, speechless, and little bit scared, lol. I do not think there will ever be another episode so shocking and dramatic. I tuned in for a show, but felt like I was watching a horror movie ready to happen at anytime. Speechless is all I could say....

At first I thought it may be Artis babies mother setting him up and fishing and pretending to be that woman, but boy oh boy! Did we all not get a scary surprise?! If you have not seen the Artis and Jess episode I have posted an MTV link to the full episode below. If you have seen it  feel free to comment below. I was seriously a little afraid, especially for Nev. Max could get away easy, but poor Nev was on crutches. I am glad at the end of the show everyone walked away safe. That show was crazy for real!

You can watch the full length episode on MTV's website:

Catfish Jess & Artis  Episode