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Choreographed Dance Video to Bone Thugs Eternal!!!

Came across my newly found favorite dance crews choreographed video to my favorite group since I was 9! I grew up on Bone Thugs and when listen to classic Bone it reminds me of childhood and adolescent years spent listening to their music and being a big fan even young age.  Bone Thugs songs are not commonly choreographed so that is the biggest shock. This must be the week meant to leave me surprised and speechless, as I definitely was when I stumbled upon the video below unexpectedly. As a Bone Thugs fan and already new fan of this dance crew - I am really impressed and amazed, and it just solidified them as my favorite dance crew. I hope to be as good as them one day. I am still shock, but please do check out the video and comment below. The video is from YouTube and features Quick Crew Choreography to Bone Thugs song. Eternal